GMAT Quant Quiz #001

Está pronto para treinar seus conhecimentos?

Faça esse pequeno teste com 5 perguntas e veja se está afiado em Matemática.

#1 A toy store regularly sells all stock at a discount of 20 percent to 40 percent. If an additional 25 percent were deducted from the discount price during a special sale, what would be the lowest possible price of a toy costing $16 before any discount?

#2 In Township K, 1/5 of the housing units are equipped with cable television. If 1/10 of the housings units, including 1/3 of those that are equipped with cable television, are equipped with videocassette recorders, what fraction of the housing units have neither cable television nor videocassette recorders?

#3 In a shipment of 120 machine parts, 5 percent were defective. In a shipment of 80 machine parts, 10 percent are defective. For the two shipments combined, what percent of the machine parts were defective?

#4 Two oil cans, X and Y, are right circular cylinders, and the height and the radius of Y are each twice those of X. If the oil in can X, which is filled to capacity, sells for $2, then at the same rate, how much does the oil in can Y sell for if Y is filled to only half its capacity?

#5 A certain clock marks every hour by striking a number of times equal to the hour and the time required for a stroke is exactly equal to the time interval between strokes. At 6:00 the time lapse between the beginning of the first stroke and the end of the last stroke is 22 seconds. At 12:00, how many seconds elapse between the beginning of the first stroke and the end of the last stroke?




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